Acrylic, lightweight versatile, machineable plastic alternative to glass.


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Cast Acrylic sheet is used for Signs, interior displays,fabrication of a huge variety of items, replacement for glass, secondary glazing, furniture (tables, shelves), cake stands, surface protectors, display boxes and much more.
Main characteristics:
- Crystal clear, excellent light transmission, Also available, tints, opals and 100's of solid colour variations (Perspex from Lucite). Lighter than glass, stronger than standard glass. Resistant to weathering and colours are resistent to fading. Good for machining and can be fabricated using many techniques. Good acoustic properties so useful for machine enclosures and sound barriers.
Acrylic is also available in cast or extruded tube and rod.
ACRYLIC is available in our online shop ShopforPlastic in Sheet and Block, rod and Tube.
Links to specific uses:
Solar heating / panels
Secondary Glazing
Surface Protection
Cake and presentation Stands
Sneeze Guards for Cattery and Kennel construction.
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