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Plastic Pipe work Systems - POLYPRO (PP)

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic with a density lower than many other well known thermoplastics. Its mechanical characteristics, its chemical resistance and especially its relatively high heat deflection temperature have made Polypro an important material for todays pipelines.
Cementing is not possible without special surface treatment, but welding works very well.
We keep in stock fittings and tube for heating element socket welding . Fittings for butt welding and no-contact infrared welding are available from +GF+ stock with short lead times.
Good chemical resistance - high impact strength - good thermal ageing resistance
Working temperature range 0 to 80 deg C (max working pressures reduce at temperatures above 20 deg C).
Telephone: 01293 552836 Fax: 01293 553459 Email: ns@davis-plastics.co.uk