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Ponds and Water features

We supply and stock a wide range of uPVC fittings, valves and accessories along with brass valves and check vlaves, plastic hoses, in line strainers and much more, all suitable for use in Garden ponds, water features and other water delivery requirements.
PVC is the most widely used plastic in pipe installations, in it's unplasticised form suitable for interior, exterior and buried pipelines. It has good chemical resistance and a high smoothness of bore which eliminates the build up of scale and gives good and constant flow characteristics throughout it's working life. It is easily jointed using suitable solvent cements or by threaded joints.

Working temperature range 0 - 60 deg C (max working pressures reduce at temperatures above 20 deg C).

Fittings - Valves - Accessories

The basic range of PVC fittings and valves are available in our
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PVC fittings and Valves.
Also available from our web shop, ShopforPlastic
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