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Reach Compliancy Statement


The vast majority of the plastic and metal products distributed by Davis Industrial Plastics Ltd and Eurostan (hereafter referred to as the companies), are considered as articles and are consequently not directly affected Reach, meaning they do not have to be registered or pre-registered.

A few substances are supplied by the companies in the form of Solvent cements for jointing various pipe work systems. Our obligations require that MSDS are available for these products and these are held and regularly checked by ourselves. 'Upstream' information has been requested regarding the pre-registration requirements / status of these items.

The companies are part of a chain of 'downstream' users who need to get the relevant product information from the members of our Supply chain. We are ensuring our link in this chain is maintained by contacting our 'upstream' Suppliers for information and confirmation they are doing the same. We will then make this information available to our 'downstream' users as required.

We are doing all that is required to ensure that the products we supply are Reach compliant. Should our analysis identify any adverse consequences for the future supply of our products we will take measures to ensure continued availability or identify alternatives.

If your company has identified any 'unusual' use of a product which may have implications in the registration process please let us know and we can pass the information 'upstream' to the relevant Supplier making the registration.

Our contact details regarding Reach enquiries is

Gavin Davis,

Gavin Davis, Director

Current products requiring notification of content under Reach regulations

Flexible PVC requires the use of plasticizers to give it its flexibility. The following may be used in some flexible (pPVC) products:
2-ethyl(hexyl)phthalate >0.1%
butyl benzyl phthalate >0.1%

Scope of Products :

Plastic Engineering Materials in Rod, Sheet, block and tube including,
Acetal, Delrin, Nylon, Modified Nylons, PEEK, Torlon, PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Polycarbonate & PE

Plastic Pipe Work systems and accessories in PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PVDF & other materials.

Eurostan, fittings and accessories for water tanks.

Most items held within our large stocked range.

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This statement updated 15/12/08

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